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Hello and welcome to, the official website of all things Manoug Beurekjian. I originally launched in early 2006 to simplify the sharing of my digital pictures with friends and family. As the internet evolved so did and over the past few years I have added my resume, links, downloads, and most recently a blog to jot down and share my thoughts and findings.

I am currently employed full-time as a Sr. Windows System Administrator in the information technology group at American Student Assistance

My interests vary albeit technology tends to be the common trait among many of my interests. Some of my interests are computers, all types of electronic gadgets and gizmos, digital photography, home theater, and home automation.

I consider myself to be a well rounded optimistic individual and are dedicated to my family, friends and career. Those who know me are aware, I donít give up easily and my optimistic attitude keeps me focused no matter what life throws at me.


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