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Install Windows 7 from a partition (hard drive):

Thursday, July 25th, 2013

Instructuions from

I use this to install windows 7 from a separte partition (no need for Windows dvd) when you start windows you will get an option to install windows and use it whenever needed this is my way of doing it I have tried it and it works.

Step 1: Go to start and search for computer management and hit enter.Once the program comes up on the left side look for Disk management under storage click on it

Step2: Righ click on C: drive go to Shrink volume and Decide the size I used 5gigs

Step3:Copy Windows files from Cd or Iso to your new partition

Step4:Download Easybcd and install (

Step5:Open Easybcd And choose add entry then goto to the bottom tab named WinPe

Step6:On the type tab choose Wim image(ramdisk)

Step7:Name your partition

Step8:On the path section locate boot.wim file of your windows files its located
under sources folder example(Drive letter you gave your new patition:\sources\boot.wim )

Step9:Leave ems enabled and Force portable entry unabled and hit Add Entry and your done.

Extra Steps:

Step10:Go to start right click computer and go to properties. On the left side click on Advanced system and settings go to the advance tab ,Startup and recovery settings,here you can change settings of your system startup . Leave default operating system to windows 7 check time to display list of operating system: and choose how many seconds you want it to take for windows to choose the default operating system on the startup I choosed 2 seconds leave everything else untouched and hit ok.

Now when you start your computer you should have to options to boot from
your regular windows 7 startup or the intallation partition you just made.

When you choose to intall windows again you will just have to choose that partition and windows will install way faster withought the need of cds just make sure you dont delete the partition you created.

How to determine which versions of the .NET Framework are installed

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

To determine which versions of the .NET Framework are installed, locate the %systemroot%\Microsoft.NET\Framework folder. To open this folder, you can paste this address into a Windows Explorer address bar. The following folders contain the released versions of the .NET Framework:

  • v3.5

  • v3.0

  • v2.0.50727

  • v1.1.4322

  • v1.0.3705

Note If you see other folders that have a vN.N.NXXXX format, they may contain beta versions or pre-released versions of the .NET Framework. Those versions are outside the scope of this article.

To determine which versions of the .NET Framework are installed on a computer, follow these steps:

  1. Open any one of the folders in the previous list.

  2. Right-click the Mscorlib.dll file, and then click Properties.

  3. Click the Version tab, and then note the file version.

  4. Use the previous list to determine which version of the .NET Framework is installed on the computer, and then click OK.