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GE Triton XL Dishwasher GSD615 water valve not operating

Thursday, March 4th, 2010

The GE Triton XL Dishwasher in my kitchen tonight would turn on and the pump was running however the water valve was not letting any water into unit. After I did some regular steps e.g. turn off power, reset dishwasher nothing seemed to do the trick. So I reached for the user manual and I know when I purchased the unit it also came with a “mini service manual” so I refered to a feature of the dishwasher called service mode. Basically it allows you to test the different components of the dishwasher such as the pump drain, main pump, water valve etc. using specfic keys on the control pad. I tested each component and the one which appeared to have failed was the water valve. I did research on the website for the required water valve. However after reading a few appliance repair forums I came across a post which pointed out it could be the float switch. I cleaned the float switch of any crud and tested the unit again, the water valve was now functioning!

For other readers in the future if this happens some things to check according to some repair forums are:

  1. Main water turned off 
  2. Stuck float switch
  3. Water valve inlet screen dirty
  4. Water valve defective (replace) check with volt meter when its supposed to be on should read 120V