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JobBOSS ShopAlerts error

Monday, June 22nd, 2015

When opening JobBOSS application you get an alert when its trying to load ShopAlerts Module “exception eolesyserror in module rtl70.bpl at 000414f9”. After some investigation it appears JobBOSS ShopAlerts application needs access thru Windows Firewall. Set exclusion in Windows Firewall for JobBOSS executable on issue desktop thru proper networks e.g. domain and private. After doing so and running the relaunching the application it properly connects to the component and runs suceessfully with no errors.

VW Repair and Maintenance Links

Tuesday, June 16th, 2015

VW Repair and Maintenance Links

Headliner Replacement Instructions

VW Headliner (beige) 1K5867501J3U5–2.5/ES321325/

Manual Transmission Oil Change Instructions
***Use Reverse Switch to Fill***
Genuine fluid and drain plug 0AF398002 (2 liters and drain plug)–2.5/Drivetrain/Manual_Transmission/ES2158237/

Oil Change Instructions

Deploy a Script in System Center Configuration Manager SCCM 2012 R2

Thursday, June 11th, 2015

Deploy a Script to devicesĀ in System Center Configuration Manager SCCM 2012 R2

Click on Application Management
Right-Click on “Applications” and choose “Create Application”
Choose “Manually specify the application information”

Fill in information under General Information
Click Next
Fill in information under Application Catalog (if applicable)
Click Next
Within the Deployment Types Click the “Type” dropdown and select “Script Installer” and select “Manually specify the deployment type information”
Click Next
Provide a Name
Click Next
Within Content select the location of your content by e.g. \\servername\source\directory or click Browse and under “Specify the command used to install this content” select Browse and change the file type to “All Files (*.*)” and than choose the related script file. e.g. installprogram.bat and click “Open”
Click Next
On Detection Method choose an applicable detection method by choosing “Add Clause” and selecting what best works for your installation. For example if your installing a particular msi you could choose “Setting Type: Windows Installer” from dropdown and for product code select Browse and select the .msi and click Open it will automatically attain the “Product code” and version information and down below select “The MSI product code must exist…and the following condition must be……” and select OK
Click Next
Under User Experience options select “Install for system”, whether or not a user is logged on or any applicable selections for your product
Click Next
Under Requirements select any (if applicable)
Click Next
Under Depenencies select any (if applicable)
Click Next
Review Summary
Click Next and than Close
You should be back in window for Configure deployment types and the priority….
Click Next
Review Settings, click Next and than Close


Wednesday, June 10th, 2015

Error when opening tooling database, I get an error message saying “ERROR OPENING NETWORK TOOLING AND MATERIAL DATABASE

Recently upgraded to Office 2013 from 2010. After some research it appears because we uninstalled Office 2010 Access it removed the drivers for MS Access, you can confirm this as you go to Administrative Tools and then go to ODBC Database Sources and click on MS Access you get error.

So we simply downloaded x86 (32bit) version of the MS Access Database Engine 2010 Redistributable from the following link and it successfully solve the problem and were able to open database