Exchange Online issue after Office 365 update solution to Outlook not connecting

Make sure you run PowerShell as an administrator and your policy is set to unrestricted. Then run the following steps and for the credential validation use your Office 365 Admin account:…/how-to-remote-powershell-into-exchange-online-office-365 Once the modules are imported you can follow the remaining instructions jhcollier pasted below:

PowerShell command: Get-Mailbox “[email address]” | FL ExchangeGuid.  Then add that GUID to the server name followed by your domain name (i.e., then email address of the user for the user name (as you would if you were logging into the portal).

BEFORE CLICKING “CHECK NAME”… Click on the “More Settings” button in order to set the Logon network security (Security Tab) to “Anonymous Authentication” and select the “Connect to Microsoft Exchange using HTTP” checkbox.  After selecting the checkbox, click the “Exchange Proxy Settings…” and add “” (no quotes) in the first textbox (Use this URL to connect…) then “” (again.. no quotes) in the second textbox (Only connect to proxy servers…).  Select the remaining two checkboxes for “connect using HTTP first” and set the Proxy authentication to “Basic Authentication”.

Click “OK”, “OK”, “Check Name”… once the User Name underlines… you’re golden!

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